Prayer: Free Me, Ransom Me O Christ

Be my guiding light O Lord, and lead me to the cradle of Your blessed Son’s birth. Show me the path and lead me to the hope of my salvation, holding me near and precious to You. Be my way, O Spirit, to the reconciliation that the nativity of the Christ-child brings with power and glory in Your divine and holy love.

I surrender myself to the grace of my savior, and the peace that He holds. Let that freedom pour forth into my spirit, mending my broken heart and healing my wounded soul. Ransom me from all captivity as I mourn in darkness and despair that I may rejoice in You. Light the flame of faith in me and let it burn a fire for You through my entire being that it might be strength in this lost and fallen world. Praise will rise from my lips with I kneel before you O Christ as my bondage to sin, death and the devil is broken and liberty reigns through Your holy Kingdom in the great mysteries of God’s encompassing love.

In the name of my Savior, holy and pure, do I raise my supplications, Amen.

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