Prayer: Come, O Christ, In Glorious Triumph

Flesh of flesh, Light of lights, I come before the cradle of Your birth with all hope and anticipation seeking Your peace, O Christ, for though You are but an infant, gentle and mild, You are the hope of my heart and the strength of my faith. Redemption flows from Your touch, and grace encompasses Your life, through you comes strength and peace. Truly goodness and mercy shall follow those who come to kneel before Your nativity.

Praise Your holy name, O Christ, praise Your Advent, so long awaited, for it brings light to this dark world, guiding us to salvation. I shall sing songs of triumph for with Your arrival comes healing that uplifts me, mending my broken heart and my wounded spirit. Chase away the dark clouds, Lord of lords, that I may see clearly the freedom that comes through Your birth. Bind me to hope as I give myself completely to You, resting in the wonders of God’s great promises and blessed assurances that have all culminated in Your arrival now. Let me know the great mysteries of God’s love as they weave together in Your immaculate birth and I shall lift glorious praise of Your holy name.

In Your strength and by Your grace, O Christ, do I pray, Amen.

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