Prayer: Draw Me Close To Your Birth O Christ

Draw me close O Christ, draw me to the place of Your birth leading me where hope and faith weave together in the blessed promises of God’s encompassing word. Let the wonders and the mysteries of Your Advent weave through me to fill me with the miracle of grace, a miracle that comes through the redemptive power of the salvation that You bring with power and glory. Shine Your light in my soul that I may know the truest sense of peace, strengthened by the love that You have for me.

Yes darkness and despair follow this world and struggles seem to always be at my heel. Yet I shall fear nothing, it shall have no authority over me as I yield myself to You, giving You full dominion over my spirit and my soul. No longer shall I be in bondage to my challenges for through You, the long awaited Messiah, the one sent to reconcile mankind with God, comes freedom from all captivity, breaking the chains that bind me. In You shall I trust then for all healing and hope in my life, knowing that nothing is beyond Your capacity as grace, mercy and peace pour forth from Your nativity.

In Your Holy Name, with Your praise on my lips, do I pray these things, O blessed Emmanuel. Amen.

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