Prayer: I Kneel Before You, Holy and Blameless Christ

With the strength of Your unblemished purity hear my prayers, the petitions of a poor and lost sinner who looks to Your Advent as the source of their salvation. Rise with hope and power in the great mysteries of your conception and birth according to the promises of God’s deepest blessings. Awaken to my struggles, to my challenges and come with freedom to rescue me, ransoming me from the darkness and the despair of this world in grace and mercy. Light the flame of my faith that I might know the path of my hope as You direct me to the resting places of Your peace.

With courage I journey to the place of Your nativity, O Christ, that I may find the promises of The Lord, holy and divine. Let Your praise escape my lips as I sing of Your glories, knowing that the power of redemption rests in You amidst God’s great plan, holy and divine. Preserve me with love as You fulfill the law with the gospel, edifying and uplifting the children of God who look to You with adoration. Let me kneel before Your cradle that I may find my solace, that healing shall come upon me, mending my wounds even as You restore me to the divine image of my God through Your perfect reconciliation with Him.

In Your Holy Name do I pray these things, living forever in Your love O Lord. Amen.

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