Prayer: Come in Glorious Reconciliation O Lord

Come, O Lord, descend upon Your people in mercy and hope. Grant unto us firmness where we linger and strength where we are weak. Lift us where we have stumbled, raising us to the heights of Your love in the blessed assurances of Your steadfast and faithful promises. Take us by the hand and guide us to the resting places of Your comfort in the deeper solace of Your peace.

Without You, O Lord, my life is lost, as I fall amidst darkness and despair, the struggles of this world overpowering and overtaking me. Give unto me the humility to kneel then before Your cradle in the wondrous miracle of Your Advent, looking to You with the steadfast hope of my heart. Let Your beauty reign over my soul with the grace of salvation guiding my spirit to the places Your arrival have prepared for me in the glorious reconciliation with Your Father as Your healing chases all sorrow and hurt from me, binding me up in all lost and broken places. Let all Heaven and Earth proclaim Your coming O Lord so that hope rings with the strength of love for all of us poor and lost sinners.

In Your name, the name of hope that reconciles even the most lost of sinners with God, reminding us always that He is with us, Jesus Christ, Amen.

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