Prayer: Let Your Promises Take Hold O Lord

Almighty and merciful God, let Your promises take hold of me, guiding me to the comfort of Your assurances. Let no temporal trial or temptation stand in the way of Your hope as I look to You in the Words of strength and courage You have given Your saints since even the earliest of days, placing my trust forever in You. Uplift me, edify me, lead me forward in that blessed unity that comes in the wondrous reconciliation built on the sure foundation of the Advent of Your Son, my Savior.

Let my Christ arrive in glory O Lord, awaken my soul to His coming, preserving me forever in Your grace. Keep Your law written in my heart even as the Gospel of the Redeemer’s arrival frees my spirit from all bondage and captivity. Chase away all darkness and despair and set all struggles and challenges to flight. Let the blessings of the Advent of my Savior light a flame in me that shines with the radiance of life, love and faith in the wonders of Your wisdom and peace as my songs of praise lifts from my lips to Your ears in the miracles You bestow upon my life.

In the name of my Savior, whose cradle I watch in eager anticipation this Advent season as it carries the power and the glory forever and always, Amen.

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