Prayer: Arise and Lead Me O Shepherd

Come and lead me O Rod of Jesse, raise Your staff and protect me from this world and its struggles, guarding me from all the dangers it holds. Hold fast to the hope and the mercy that You bring and steadfastly strengthen me in Your encompassing grace even as the plights of this world seek, like a hungry wolf, to devour the sheep of Your flock. Guide me through to the gentle pasture of Your encompassing love, comforting me in the wonders of Your blessed hope, drawing me near to You day by day.

I trust in the promises of my God, the assurances of His mercy that lead me to You, O Shepherd. I look to Your Advent as my strength and my courage as You uplift me to Your Father in the wondrous reconciliation You bring. Chase the darkness from my days and fill me with the anticipation of my salvation as the washing springs of redemption soothes my soul and quenches my thirst. Awaken to the struggles of this world, awaken to my struggles and chase all darkness from my life as You arise that God may be with me, carrying me to the glorious resting places that give peace to my wandering spirit.

In Your blessed and holy name do I pray, trusting and hoping on Your Advent as my ransom and my rescue, Amen

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