Prayer: Come, Arise in Compassion to Aid Me Lord Jesus

Come, Lord Jesus, rise up according to Your compassion and Your mercy and give aid to those who trust in the promises and the assurances of Your Advent. Awaken to the calls and the cries of Your people who long for grace, hope and peace, those who seek solace in the storm of this world, who seek comfort in their pain and love to chase away the dark clouds of despair. Show the way from hurt and heartbreak, from suffering and sorrow as You break the chains of sin’s great captivity through Your wondrous power.

To You, Lord Jesus, I cry out, come and disperse the fog of temptation, of sin, and death, let not the power of the Devil overtake me, let me not get lost in the hardships that this world has to bring that nothing but Your love may have power over me. Let Your Advent purify me as I journey to Your blessed Nativity to kneel before Your cradle that I may be worthy of Your gifts. Give me the strength to carry on day by day and heal me from all sickness and infirmity, letting Your hope strengthen and preserve me day by day as I place my trust in You for the blessings You bring into my life in the beauty of salvations great redemption.

In Your blessed name, the name that reminds us daily that God is with is, the name that has the power of hope and salvation, Amen.

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