Prayer: Come, O Lord, Rise Up In Your Promises

Rise O Lord according to Your promises for I place my trust in the blessed assurances of Your Word. Awaken O Lord and descend upon me with the glorious hope of this Advent Season, as Your grace overshadows any darkness and despair to free me in Your love and hope. I wait in eager and wondrous anticipation of the arrival of my Messiah, the fulfillment of my faith, the source of my salvation. Let not my trust be confounded, let not my hope be in vain as I magnify You, uplifting the assurance Your Spirit has strengthened in my life.

Let nothing hinder me O Lord, as I abide in the shadow of Your blessing, washed anew in the waters of Your Word as You uplift me, preserving me against all dangers. Come, with glory and majesty, to protect me from all sorrow, to heal me from all hurt and heartbreak, to bind my wounds and to carry me when the world has left me too weary and tired to travel any further. In steadfast love and blessed redemption You have the power to give me the courage and the strength to meet each day regardless of the challenges that may arise with Your arrival. I shall meditate then, rejoice in the Advent of the Christ, kneeling before His cradle as the radiance life itself in the redemption it brings.

In the name of Your Son, who brings life and hope, whose Advent lights the candle of my faith, Amen

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