Prayer: Come Lord Jesus and Free Me

Come Lord Jesus, descend upon Your people who look in eager anticipation for Your Advent. Come O Lord, uplift Your people who wait on You, seeking and imploring Your mercy in the hope of our faith. I trust in Your compassion, and find my peace in Your promises, as You disperse the dark clouds that hover around me, giving freely unto me in the wonders of Your Word and the assurances of Your love given unto me.

You, O Christ, are the sign of God’s great love, You are the message of hope and love and peace for my life, given in the promise of salvation. Wash now over me in the promises of my Heavenly Father, let His words of hope bind me to the commitments of His great mercy, giving me safe refuge from the power of sin, death and the Devil. Let it free me from doubt even as You light my path and my way, guiding me from the hurt and the despair, the pains and the sorrows of my life to the better days of the dawning of Your grace as it all gives warmth to my spirit and my soul.

In Your blessed name, the name of He who reconciled us with God, our Heavenly Father, in power and triumph, in wondrous and divine glory, Amen

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