Prayer: In Hope and Desire I Look to Your Promises O Lord

In desire and hope I look to the Advent of Your Son to fulfill the longing of my soul O Lord, my God. In this promise, in blessed anticipation of faith’s grace, I lift my spirit to You, awaiting the glorious manifestation of Your wondrous Word to free me from the bondage of darkness and despair. Let me not be confounded, let me not be put to shame O Lord as I place the full measure of my trust in Your salvation.

I will stand steadfast in Your Covenant, O Lord. Give me the strength and the endurance to run the race of faith to the blessed birth of the Christ, to arrive in blessed anticipation at His cradle that I may rest in the glorious triumph of His birth. Let no stress, let no burdens, let no despair, hardship or temptation burden me or trip me as I journey down that path to Your righteousness and see the full measure of my anticipation revealed in the proof of Your divine love. Then shall I rejoice in my praise of Your Holy and Divine name as my purpose, my hope and my longing is strengthened and preserved in Your grace and mercy given to me.

In the name of Your Son, my Light of Lights, whom I watch and wait for now, Amen

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