Prayer: Light the Candle of My Faith this Advent O Lord

I rest in Your promises O Lord, drawing comfort and hope in the wondrous love of Your mercy. I wait on Your covenant, O Lord, looking to the blessed miracle of the Advent of Your Son as the fulfillment of anticipation that has carried generations of Your Saints to their salvation. Light the candle of my faith to guide my way to the cradle of the Christ child, and disperse the dark cloud that loom with the captivity of despair.

I raise Your name O Lord, lifting it with my songs of praise. Let my hardships and my struggles fade as Your grace encompasses me, showing me the wonders of Your salvation, the mercy of Your love making way my path on high. Your blessings are what I look to as the Advent of Your Son shows me the path to truth and righteousness. Sanctify my in His holy name as I look to His arrival as my joy, as the glorious dawning of a new day. Let His birth be my new birth daily in the strength, the power and the glory of Your grand design encompassing my life in the peace and comfort of Your blessed assurances and steadfast love given for me.

In the name of Your Son, my Lord and Savior, Christ Jesus, Amen

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