Prayer: As I Look to The Promise of You O Christ

The Word made flesh, You, O Christ, hold the wisdom and the power of The Lord God Almighty. Even in the earliest of days we waited for You, the Light of Lights, the promise of Your Father that He would always be with us. Even as the bondage of sin, death and the Devil, even as the chains of darkness and despair threatened slavery, to oppress the spirit and the soul, Your coming was foretold and we all awaited Your glorious Advent.

I shall turn my eyes to You, O Christ, I shall let my sights rest upon You in the trust of my faith. You are nearer to me and to my struggles than I know, reveal Yourself to me in the hope and the mercy that You have for me. You are my redemption and my salvation, my sure foundation, steadfast in Your love and grace, lead me in the wonders of God’s promises. Heal me, strengthen me, preserve me even as I meditate on Your Advent, knowing that Your long awaited arrival is the power and the courage to live according to God’s divine will.

Through the love and the hope God has given through You, O Christ, in the love and the hope of His promises, Amen

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