Prayer: I Rejoice in Your Advent O Christ

Come, O blessed Savior; come long awaited Lord and ransom me from the captivity and bondage of sin, death and the Devil. Raise, O Messiah, and let me rejoice in the promise of Emmanuel, the promise that God, through You, is truly with me. Make way the path as You shine Your light upon my life, showing me the way of faith even unto the wondrous and blessed truth that salvation holds in You.

I shall rejoice in Your advent O Lord, for through Your love, through Your hope my darkness and my despair have no power over me. I shall sing with joy the hope that You bring even as I praise Your blessed and holy name, knowing that You fulfill the promises of God for my life. Through You and by Your love I am guided to the abiding grace of wondrous love and glorious mercy day by day. I shall worship You and glorify You even as I as I abide in the redemption You bring as You send death and despairs dark shadow to flight.

In the love of God, the grace of the Spirit and the hope of the Christ, Amen

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