Prayer: I Shall Look to The Advent of Your Son, O Lord

I will raise my voice in songs of praise to You O Eternal and Everlasting God, who’s love and mercy makes all things possible. It was Your Spirit who bestowed upon the virgin the blessed miracle of life, the blessed miracle of Your Son, the long awaited Messiah. It was Your love that did not abandon us to sin, death and the Devil, fulfilling Your promise from the earliest of days to bring salvation to even the most lost amongst us.

I will lay my troubles at Your feet blessed Lord, knowing that You are truly with me, knowing that Your promises are steadfast and true even as Your will works in ways I can’t even really comprehend or understand. Draw me nearer to You O Lord, reminding me of the love and the hope that You have for my life, reminding me of the miracles You are capable of as You draw me into a state of grace in the blessed faith of Your eternal love. Draw me nearer to You O Lord, as I look, with awe and glorious Thanksgiving, to the advent of Your Son, my savior, Christ Jesus.

In the name of my blessed redeemer, who has come to reconcile me, a lost sinner, to You, Amen

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