Prayer: With my Struggles Before Me O Lord

O Lord, my struggles are before me as my challenges take a hold of me, filling my days with hardships that seem so overwhelming in the difficulties they bring. Depression creeps up on me, robbing me of the peace and the happiness that I once had, that once gave me solace. Now my comfort is gone and my wonder where is the hope that was so near to me and now seems so far distant and removed from my life.

I will put my trust in You O Lord, I will put my faith in the plans of Your great and grand design as Your promises fill me with the power of Your Spirit. Lift my soul where it has been cast down to the depth of hurt and despair and heal the wounded places in my heart that have been cracked by pain and sorrow. Let me find my strength in the power of Your love as it gives me the courage to meet a new day with a new hope given through the power of Your healing hand. Preserve me in the grace of Your redeeming compassion and Your blessed charity that, by Your help I may find the peace that surpasses my own understanding to draw me closer to You in the miracles of each new day You have given unto me.

In the name of Your Son, my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, who is the source of my blessed and wondrous salvation, Amen.

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