Prayer: Lead Me O Shepherd

Look upon me O blessed Shepherd, and see me standing steadfast before You, waiting for You to lift Your hand to lead me from the troubles and the dangers, the temptations and challenges that move through this world seeking to ensnare me. I am a sheep of Your flock, trusting You in the blessed hope of Your promises to guide me by Your rod and Your staff to the peace of Your resting places, the pastures of Your wondrous love.

Awaken, O Shepherd. Raise Your hand to lead me, to guide me, to restore me. Strength and mercy, they follow in Your footsteps, courage and wonder are in Your touch. Let me then not stumble, let me not then falter. When I am too weak to keep going, lift me, and pull me close, draw me nearer to You and carry me through the deeper struggles that are before me, carry me from the stumbling blocks that are before me to the fields of Your love, those meadows rich in Your grace and peace. Then shall I be uplifted and edified, then shall my faith be answered in the deepest miracles of Your wonders of Your hope given unto me.


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