Prayer: When I am Lost, When I am Weak, When I Cry Out O Lord

When I am lost Your eyes gaze upon the dark and the hidden places to find me. When I am weak and downtrodden Your hand comes down from the heavens to lift me up. When hurt and pain are on my lips You hear my cries, drawing me close as Your whispers the promises of Your mercy to me. I will raise my voice in praise to You, O Lord, my God, even as You raise Your love and Your righteousness to guide me and to protect me.

The days are long O Lord. Yet, as I place my trust in You, my heart is made strong as my spirit is given peace in the love and the hope that You make known to my soul. Even as the challenges are before me and the struggles try as they may to engulf me, You, in Your grace and Your mercy, are there before me, guiding and protecting me through all the days of my life. Truly, in Your hope, I know the wonders of Your miracles answering my calls that despair may be given no refuge, that hurt and heartbreak may not bind me, and that I may be given rest from the stresses that seek to overwhelm me.

In the name of Your Son, my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, Amen.

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