Prayer: You are my Joy, My Peace and My Comfort Heavenly Father

When the days are long and the minutes seem to draw to hours, I put my trust in You Heavenly Father. When my days are filled with stress and the load that I carry weighs me down, burdening me, overwhelming me with the pressure they put on me, I cast my troubles to You Heavenly Father. You truly are my strength and my hope, my ever present help when my times of need are upon me and my struggles are before me, giving freely to me the power to overcome.

I search for my peace, and I find it in You. You are my ever present help as You not only give me the answers to the deeper questions of my spirit and my soul, but as You become those answers. I place myself in Your hands, Heavenly Father and, as a blessed and beloved child, You lead me to the places where I can find rest, healing the wounded places within me that I may find the power to meet all challenges in this world and of it in Your Holy Name, knowing that, by Your grace, I am wondrously created and miraculously cared for all of the days of my life. You are the joy of my life even when the days seem dark and bleak and I shall praise Your name all the days of my life.

In the name of Your Son, my blessed Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, who died to reconcile me with You, who rose again to bring Your peace and love into my life, Amen

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