Prayer: Give Me Meaning When Purpose Seems Lost O Lord

Lord God, the worst thoughts, they slip into my head as my heart grows heavy and spirit grows weak. My soul is tired, God, and I feel the darkness slipping in even as my despair grows. It clouds my judgment until I can’t manage to see past the problems that I face. Trapped, I’m bound, chained to my struggle, and ensnared by my hurt and my pain, cut off from the hope and the love that would save me. Even now I have to wonder, is there any way out? God, O My Lord, I can’t see one.

But You Lord, You formed my life, sacred and precious; forsake me not in this hour of my greatest need. Show me the reasons to carry on even as it feels like they have faded from me and give me the answer to sorrow and the pain that I feel in my life. Show me the way out, light my way and my path in front of me, that I may see clearly a purpose to moving forward even when it feels like everything else is pulling me back. Break the chains that bind me, bringing some sense of hope and love into my life that I may see the wonders of my creation, finding the meaning in my life even when it seems as if all purpose has escaped it. Then shall I find some peace, knowing that You have carried me through.

In the name of Your Son, my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, Amen.

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