Prayer: Loosen the Tension that Pulls at Me Heavenly Father

My heart pounds and I feel a tremendous weight pushing down on my chest; I feel a tremendous pressure pressing down on me as it tries to overwhelm me Heavenly Father. At times I feel it overshadowing me, as if to engulf me, as if to swallow me whole, and I wonder if I am losing a part of myself in the burdens and stresses of my life, I feel like the strains are pulling so tightly on me that they are going to pull me apart in every they are ripping me in.

Hear the sound of my heart racing and let Your eyes fall upon me O my Lord. See the yoke that burdens me, the yoke that grinds me down to the ground, see its weight upon my shoulders, and let Your mercy abound for me, Your blessed and beloved child. Take the load from my heart and my mind, from my spirit and my soul, and cast it far from me. Loosen the tension and the strain that tugs and pulls at me, that I can be made free of the worry and the anxiety that have once so held me in their power. Free me, Heavenly Father, from all that threatens to overtake me and overwhelm me, letting Your love be what moves in my life and through my life as the encompassing power that has any effect on me any longer.

In the name of Your Son, my blessed and beloved Savior, Jesus Christ, Amen.

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