Prayer: Be My Strength When the World Beats Me Down, O Lord

I open my mouth, I want to scream out, feeling the frustration swell deep within me and yet no sound comes from my lips, O Lord. Deep within my gut, deep within my soul, I feel the pressure mounting, I feel the anxiety swelling, it piles on top of me. I feel overwhelmed, I feel beaten down and tired, like I’ve just been overcome, overpowered by the flood of stress pouring over me, sweeping by me, burdening me with a load that just seems too heavy to carry.

You know my struggles, O Lord. You know the strain that they put on me, O God. Mostly though, You know the weight I can carry and the worry I can handle before it becomes too much for me. I place then the yoke of my difficulties and hardships at Your feet before it becomes more than I can bear, before it grinds me down to the dirt, knowing that You will take up my cause and my struggles in the love and the hope that You have for me, in the promises You have made to me according to Your grace and Your mercy. Take me, O Lord and release me from the pressure, let it not overwhelm or overshadow me. Give freely to me according to Your abundant love and let Your strength become my strength as I sing Your praises for the great wonders You have done in my life.

In the name of Your Son, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Amen.

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