Prayer: My Heart is Not Too Proud For You O Lord

My heart is not so proud that I cannot kneel before You O my Lord, my spirit is not so haughty that I cannot humble myself in front of You, O my God, for You are my help and my salvation. When the road is hard and wrought with challenges and I cannot carry myself, it is Your hand that reached from Heaven, lifting me, drawing me into Your loving arms and making my journey light. When my days are long and my strength is fleeting, You hear my pleas, as Your life giving waters renews my spirit and my soul in the hope of Your faith.

Calm me O Lord when I am hurt and wounded, giving me the peace that I so long for in my sorrow and my pain. Take the burdens from me when I am overwhelmed and I feel crushed by the weight of my struggles pushing down on me. Lift me when I am poor and downtrodden, holding me up when I cannot stand on my own, giving me the hope of a new day, and the blessings of Your divine mercy and love for my life. Then shall I be filled with Your miracles as Your light shines from me, upholding me in Your grace as my pride is replaced with Your love.

In the name of Your Son, My lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Amen.

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