Prayer: Awaken My Soul, Arise Within Me Lord

Awaken my soul, O Lord and give life to my spirit. Arise within me O Lord that I may find my strength within the miracles of Your ways. Renew within me life according to Your boundless ways that I may, with each new breath I take, with the dawning of every new day, find hope in the mercy and the grace of Your divine plan.

Struggles, O Lord, follow me, and hardships are near to me, my days are wrought with challenges that I had never foreseen. Yet You, my God, can take me and put the days of hurt an sorrow behind me, giving unto me a new birth, restoring me with the life giving waters of Your Word according to Your promises. Preserve me, forsaking me not, as You answer my prayers, strengthening me in the weakest places that weigh down my heart and my soul. Let Your hope hope encompass me, overtaking me and overshadowing me in the wonders of Your love as life’s problems die for me, dawning a new day of joy and praise in Your Holy Name.

I pray this in the name of Your Son, my blessed Savior, Jesus Christ, Amen.

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