Prayer: When My Breath Grows Heavy O Lord

My breath grows heavy in my throat that it makes it hard to breathe, O Lord. At times it feels as if the very air that I am drawing in, the very life that I live is choking me as even the lightest of tasks, even the simplest of things grows complicated, and becomes so much harder than it should. In these moments I feel so weak O Lord, wondering what has become of my strength, wondering why it has become so easy to overwhelm me in the burdens, the hardships and the struggles that difficulty should arise even from what would otherwise be so effortless.

But You, O Lord, are the fresh air that fills my lungs when it grows hard to breathe, when the air grows heavy and is filled with a stagnation that makes it so hard to move forward in. You are He who, through the power of Your Spirit, renews my heart and fills my soul with the hope and the peace that I so long for. Your promises are what I breathe when the struggles of this world threaten to overwhelm and I can’t make sense of the struggles that I face, for they are what carries me through to the grace of Your divine plan, as You take up my burdens and my stresses as Your own.

In the name of Your Son, my blessed Savior, Jesus Christ, Amen.

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