Prayer: In Stress and Anxiety Help Me O Lord

Time draws slowly as the weight pushes down on me O Lord. I feel the pressure, it swells within me as if it’s overwhelming me, overtaking me in that moment of stress and anxiety. Why must the strain be so great? Why must the tension pull at me, seeming to tear me apart from the inside? I lift my heart to You O Lord, my God, why must these times seem so overpowering to me?

Answer my prayers with Your actions O Lord. According to Your promises help me and heal me, forsaking me not in in the worry and the concern that overtakes me. Let not my spirit be disquiet and stress burden my mind as anxiety feels like it is taking captive my heart. These threaten to crush me O Lord, but You offer unto me hope. Reassure me and grant unto me the calmness as You make a place for me to rest in Your blessings. Teach me, O Lord, what I need to be, and show me what I need to find that the weight may be lifted from me and I may breath with ease in the grace of Your peace forever.

In the name of Your Son, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Amen.

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