Prayer: Help Me Through the Day Gracious God

Gracious God, let my words be set before You, let my prayers be lifted to Your throne on High. Gracious God, look upon my day, take notice of it as I embark upon its journey so that You may see what it holds for me, and prepare me accordingly. Grant unto me the hope of Your grace and let this day be the triumph of Your mercy as You guide me through it in the wonders of Your love.

Though there may be trials and temptations, though it may at times, feel as if it is trying to overwhelm me and overpower me, I will put my trust and my faith in You O my God, knowing that it is You who strengthens and preserves me. Though stresses may build and troubles may mount, I know that You will give me the courage to meet these challenges and the power to overcome them according to Your promises, that I may know that You are the fount of my every blessing as You guard me according to the hope You have for me. You do all of this that my day shall be a perpetually testimony to the God who has taken my cause and made it His own. Let my words then be set before You in the praise and the admiration I have for You, my endless help and my wondrous salvation.

In the name of Your Son, my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, Amen.

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