Prayer: Be My Help Daily O Lord

My help, O Lord, comes from You, my strength rests in Your hands as You take me, day by day and give me the courage to meet each challenge, each struggle anew. My faith, O Lord, is in You, my hope is guided by Your faith as You take me, day by day, and show me the path to a better way, to a better life in the wonders of Your love.

In Your blessings, according to Your grace, let no temptation move through me, let no evil have dominion over me O Lord my God. Guide me and protect me through that I may know that You are my ever present help, my stronghold in any and every storm that may arise. Show me the joy of my salvation even when joy seems so far away from me that I may, at the end of a long day, wrought with challenges and difficulties, rest in the peace that You have intended for me, according to the love that You have always had for me. Then shall my life be filled with the wondrous grace of Your ever present help.

In the name of Your Son, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Amen

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