Prayer: Give Me the Strength to Meet the Day O Lord

Though I know there will be challenges that will come, struggles that I will face and moments of weakness that arise in my life I will turn my eyes to You O my God. Hear my voice O Lord, give me the strength to meet this day, give me the courage to face whatever it may bring. Show me the road to my peace in the knowledge that, whatever it may bring, you are my ever present help in any storm, great or small.

Let your eyes fall upon me and my way O Lord. Lift Your hand to guide me according to Your goodness. Grant me Your hope to show me the path to Your peace that, regardless of what may happen, regardless of what may come, I may be able to handle the day, knowing that, through You, I have the capacity to move forward with ease. Remind me that You care for me, and that I have no worry, no pain, no struggle that is more powerful than the love that tends to my every need in the hope that binds me to Your endless promises and boundless grace.

In the name of Your Son, my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, who has fulfilled the promises of Your faith, love and hope for me. Amen.

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