Prayer: Find Me in the Deepest Canyon O Lord

As it seems as if my life is nothing more than trying to find my way out of the depths of the deepest canyon I turn my eyes upwards to You O my Lord. You are my light; You are the beacon showing me the path through the lowest points as You lead me on high. You, O Lord, make straight my road as you guide my it’s direction according to Your righteousness and Your hope.

My faith is in You O Lord, as I lift my eyes to You, as I raise my voice to You in the boundless love and the endless grace of Your encompassing compassion. Forsake me not, fail me not O Lord, my God as I put my trust in You, for only You know the depths of my despair and the hardship of my troubles and only You have the knowledge and the wisdom and the strength to lead me from this pit of my own pain and hardship. Take me now, O Lord and show me the way, take me and lead me according to Your promises and I know that I shall find my safety then in Your blessed resting places, far from the deepest valleys and the most hidden of gorges, dwelling in Your peace, love, hope and mercy on the top of Your mountains, raised up in Your grace all of my days.

In the name of Your Son, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Amen.

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