Prayer: Let Me Find Peace, Putting Away Temptation

Search my heart O Lord and find that which has made me disquieted. Search my soul O Lord and see that which has left me discontent. In that restlessness and displeasure comes the temptation to sin, to let harsh words escape my lips and anger be at the center of my actions. It is the beginning of iniquity as, in my unhappiness I feel pull of wickedness as it whispers for me to act only in my own interest to put my mind at ease and my spirit at peace.

Yet I know it is never that easy, for You, my God, are the beginning and the end of comfort, the start and the finish of true peace, and that only comes through righteousness. Disperse the fog that clouds my judgment O Lord, and let me see temptation rightly. Let me understand that it does not chase away the darkness and the displeasure but that it only multiples it. Show me these things that I may put them behind me as I follow Your path to the truest measure of my contentment, found in love, grace and mercy, not in anger, harshness and wrath. Soften my heart and create that right spirit within me that I may dwell, in hope, in Your resting places.

In the name of Your Son, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, that blessed Prince of Peace, Amen

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