Prayer: I Cannot Move Past, I Cannot Let Go

Dear God, my Father, It holds me tight and I find it impossible to let go as my life is suddenly defined by the past. Dear Lord, my Father It pulls me in close and I just can’t seem to move forward as it keeps me there in place. I try to escape, I try to get away from it and yet there it is, time and time again. No matter how far behind me I think it is it just suddenly appears right there in front of me.

You though, O Lord, my God, have the strength to take me and to mold me, to help me and to guide me beyond the moments of my past that I can’t seem to move on from. You, O Lord, my God, have the knowledge to teach me to stop looking back, forgetting what is behind me so that I may focus on nothing more than the road that is head. I will put my faith in You. Heal me O Lord, heal the wounds of my spirit, and the hurt of my soul and mend my heart that I may look only upon You. This that I will no longer struggle with those things that seem so overwhelming in its darkness and its pain, instead abiding only with You, my God, who, through the power of Your Spirit, encompasses me with grace, love and mercy.

In the name of Your Son, my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, Amen.

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