Prayer: Let Not Anger Take Hold O Lord

Anger fills me and bitterness courses through my veins as I find myself unable to let go dear Lord. My mind is turned to resentment as I find that I am unable to move past the challenges that I face and the hurt that has come into my life. It takes hold of me and it turns me from love to hatred and from mercy to wrath as I look upon the world with a darkness that clouds my vision in the pain that I have felt.

Take my hand, O Lord, my God. Take me by the hand and lead me through the maze of pain and confusion that has so hardened my heart. Teach me of mercy and whisper words of Your hope into my ears so I can learn to let go. Help me O Lord, so that, by Your grace, my own understanding no longer takes a hold of me, filling me with the grief and ill will towards the world around me and those in it. Help me find a path to peace that my temperament reflects Your love in the wonders of faith as it guides me through the challenges I may face to the better days ahead.

Grant that solace to my spirit O Lord, for Your namesake, Your Son, my blessed Savior, Jesus Christ. Amen.

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