Prayer: When I feel Small and Insignificant

I feel so small, so insignificant dear Lord, while my struggles and my challenges are so large and overwhelming. Why am so weak when my problems are so strong? Why am I so weak when my burdens feel so heavy that it seems as if they will crush me under their weight?

Are they as they are that I may learn to trust in You O my God? Are my hardships as they are because I have not left them at Your feet? Let not my judgment stand in the way of my healing. Take me O Lord, my God and give unto me the peace and the rest that I need that I may take up the challenges of this world. Train me in Your ways that I may have the strength to carry on when I feel small compared to my troubles so that, in the wonders of Your hope and faith I may overwhelm them before they overwhelm me. Guide me to Your throne O Lord, that I may leave my burdens at Your feet, knowing they no longer have any power over me for they have been picked up by You through my blessed Savior, Jesus Christ.

Then shall I never be small in the greatness of Your love or weak in the strength of Your grace. In the name of Your son, my Savior Jesus Christ, Amen.

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