Prayer: That Which I Cannot Handle O Lord

How do I explain when my challenges are in front of me O Lord and I seem so ill equipped to handle them? How do I meet the struggles that I face when it feels as if I just don’t have what I need to meet them? Try as I may it keeps dragging me back and I cannot find what I need within me to put it all behind me and move forward as I know that I need.

You though, O Lord… You are the strength of the weak and the hope of the tired. Your promises, they are the power to overcome even the deepest of hurts and the most encompassing of challenges. I will lay my struggles at Your feet and I will trust You in the sacred faith of Your blessed promises. Lift me where I have fallen, inspire me where I have failed, embolden me where I have been discouraged. Give freely unto me Your wondrous Spirit that I may put my confidence in Your love for me. Then shall I rise above and meet what had once seemed so impossible with the boundless possibilities of Your courage given unto me in the healing power of Your grace.

In the name of Your Son, my blessed Redeemer who strengthens and preserves me unto life everlasting, Amen

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