Prayer: That Which I Cannot Control or Understand

Your ways are miracles God, in Your strength is the power of the impossible and in Your hope are the marvels and the wonders of the impossible. Through You who has healed the sick, and raised the dead, who has redeemed the most lost of sinners and the most fallen of offenders, all things are possible in the grace, mercy and love that You show unto Your children.

In this knowledge give me the courage to let go of that which I do not understand and powerless over, relinquishing it into Your hands, trusting in the faith that I have in You. Let me rest easy in the realization that I may not always know, I may not always comprehend, and there are things that are beyond my capacity and ability. Yet, through You, the Most High, I am made whole in my weakness even as Your authority is stretched over that which might have once claimed dominance over me. It is then, through Your grace, that even that which might otherwise have held sway, once trying to rule over me no longer commands me as You heal me and preserve me in the glories of Your blessed hope.

In Jesus Holy Name, Amen.

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