Prayer: Be Faithful to Me O Lord

O Lord, I seek, hide not Your face from me. O Lord, I speak, turn not Your ear from me. O Lord, I need, let Your heart be open to my pleas.

My struggles, they are so many as they weigh upon me. They burden me with hurt and sorrow until I feel crushed under their weight. Yes, I hear Your promises. Yet, in these moments of deepest pain they seem so far from me. Here I am, O Lord, waiting on You to remind me of them in the love that You have for me, Your child. Fail me not, forsake me not even as I look to the heavens to see Your eyes looking upon me.

Descend upon me with the power of Your Spirit, O Lord and fill the void within me. I trust in You and You alone to fulfill Your vows to me. Give me the answers I so seek for my life, and the courage to meet these days head on with the strength of Your hope within me. Show me the path to be a conqueror these days of trail and moments of weakness. Then shall I know the boundless grace of Your unfailing mercy, given unto me in the wondrous faith of that trust You have bound Yourself to me with.

In the name of Your Son, my Lord and Redeemer, Jesus Christ, Amen.

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