Prayer: Alone, Who Shall I Turn to O Lord?

You are my stronghold, let me stand in Your mercy O Lord. You are my refuge, let me find my strength in Your love O Christ. My days are long and my heart is heavy as I toil with the struggles of my loneliness. I feel the isolation of my spirit as it casts a dark fog over me. Cast Your light upon me in the elegant grace of Your wondrous hope, that I might see through the clouds that have overtaken me. Be my courage and my rescue when I feel so alone that I do not know if I can stand on my own.

Who shall I turn to when it feels as if I have been left to nothing but my own despair? Who should I turn to when it seems as if I have been abandoned amidst my own struggles? I shall turn to You, O Lord, my God, for You are ever faithful, rejecting me not as You draw me nearer to You. Lead me through these days of toil and struggle that my faith may find its resting place in the glorious pastures of Your endless hope. Then shall I know I am not solitary in my walk, accompanied by You as Your promises give unto me the help and the care that I so need and desire.

In the name of Your Son, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Amen.

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