Prayer: Even as it Feels Like I am of Two Minds O Lord

Unfailing is Your love, boundless is Your mercy O Lord. You are the refuge of the lost and the strength of the weak given in hope to those who abide in Your faith. This I know even as my spirit is disquieted and my soul is clouded with despair, as I am confused by the moments of gladness that are so quickly followed a sadness that I cannot explain. This I remember even as it seems as if I am of two minds, one filled with joy and happiness, and one filled with hurt and hardship.

My eyes are set upon Your grace and my words are lifted up to You. Come upon me O Lord, touch me with Your healing hand. Give me strength to meet the challenges that I may no longer fear happiness fleeing from me as quickly as it came upon me. Give me refuge that I may dwell in peace as I try to understand this that I face. Chase the sorrow from me, and when I feel it coming on me, remind me that I am better than my afflictions, that they have no power over me. Teach me to claim dominion over them that when I feel the struggle upon me I can find the truest of hope in Your endless mercy.

Then, though I may still know trials in this life, I shall know that I am made more than a conqueror in He who loves me most. In the name of Your Son, my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, Amen.

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