Prayer: You Find the Lost O Lord

Abundant is your grace O Lord, boundless is your mercy. You find the lost and lead them to those places of peace in the blessed comfort of Your wondrous love. In hope Your mercy shines in the darkest places, giving freely to those who seek Your wisdom. None who place their trust in You are left to want, none are left to fall.

Grant unto me Your truth O Lord. Seek me as I struggle in the depth of my hardship and let my name be on Your lips as You call for me in Your love. Difficult are my days as I feel the weight of my burdens pushing on me, causing me to stumble and falter in my steps. Yet, when I put my faith in You I know I will not be discouraged, I know I will not be let down. In that knowledge, bless my faith with the abundant power of Your Spirit to give me the peace I so long for in the desires of my soul. Then shall Your words be on my lips as I proclaim the miracles You have bestowed upon me as a living testimony to the endless love You have for Your children.

In the name of Your Son, my peace, Christ Jesus, Amen

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