Prayer: Where Do I Find My Strength O Lord

Where do I find my strength O Lord but in Your Holy Name, my courage is a gift of Your grace given through the power of Your Spirit. In the power of Your love You bind me to Your blessed will unto the hope of my salvation. This is my triumph, this is my glory, that though I was lost amidst the darkness of this world, You found me, and, according to Your abundant mercy, did raise me above it all.

Yes, now devils may follow me, they may seek to tempt me amidst the shadow of their despair cast upon my soul. Yet, in my trust, do I place my faith in You, O Lord. You shall uplift me, and according to great promises, shield me from all dangers. Then shall I rest in the blessed refuge of Your living peace even unto life everlasting as Your light guides my way in the deeper knowledge of Your hope for me.

In the name of Your Son, my beloved Savior, Amen.

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