Prayer: Though Overwhelmed, Teach Me Patience O Lord

Overwhelmed, O Lord, doesn’t even begin to describe it. I feel as if I am pulled in every way, in every direction, and there is hardly a moment left in the day to breath. It weighs on me as I feel the stress creeping into my life, bearing down on me and suddenly my patience is gone. In these times, I just want to hide away until it all goes away.

Let Your Spirit come upon me O Lord that It may give me patience even as I am lead to Your peace. Let It show me how I might learn from You, He who hears the pleas of the world and cares for it with such love and grace. Let It lead me down the path of my Savior, Christ Jesus, who bore all things, even the sins of the world, so lovingly without complaint or harshness. Teach me godliness as a father teaches a child O Lord, that, by Your example, I may be elevated above myself, above my own worries and impatience, to be as close to You as I possibly can. Show me, O Lord, that, even in my toughest of days, no harshness shall find its way into a heart given to You.

In the name of Your Son, who, in love and patience and hope, gave so freely to me, Amen

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