Prayer: Commiting Myself, Trusting in Your Promises

Look upon my face O Lord, for when You do You shall see my troubles written across it. Listen to my words O God, for when You do You shall hear my pleas within them. Grasp my heart, O Lord, for You do You shall feel the heaviness that weighs upon it. In these, my struggles, I seek nothing more than to see Your face, to hear Your words, to know Your heart, for when I do then will my troubles be, though now so near, driven from me by Your encompassing grace.

To You I will commit myself, trusting in Your promises, in that blessed bond we have through Christ Jesus. I will turn away from the doubt, and the anger, and the self-pity, from the weakness that would separate me from Your truth. I will put my faith in You, my God, to lift me where I have fallen, to heal me where I have been wounded, to erase the troubles where they have been written. Then shall I find my rest in the comfort of Your love.

In the name of Christ Jesus, who binds Your will to me, Amen.

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